Comforting Soup

Comforting Soup

From Fonda El Convite chef’s mom, Laura Aguilar created this recipe. She thinks it is best to have it on a very cold, or rainy day. Buy a bunch of beetroot, take the leaves for this soup and use the actual roots for Beetroot Creamy soup.


4 People


1 hand full of beetroot leaves ($3.50 approx) Image ID: 192270644
1 to 1.5 lt of chicken stock (from $0.60 stock cubes)
250 grs. chopped bacon ( from $2.25 for 250gr)


  1. Wash throughly beetroot leaves and chop
  2. Boil leaves in the stock and 1 cup of water for around 40 mins or until they are soft.
  3. Add bacon and rectify salt. Enjoy with wholemeal toasts
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