Mole Blanco

Mole Blanco

Mole is the traditional meal that Mexicans serve in weddings, and in the XIX Century, Maximillian of Habsburg, was captivated by this white variation of the dish. With a big French influence this dish reminds us how rich is Mexico’s History. Check my wine tips!


3-4 Chile guero (blond or yellow chillies)

200 gr. Almonds

100 gr. Rockmelon seeds (the seeds of 2 melons, dried)

1 Banana

1 Cinnamon stick

2-3 Cloves

1 Pinch Aniseed

3 White corn tortillas or 1 toasted bread roll

1 1/2 Cups Milk

30 gr. Butter

1 lt. Chicken stock

100-120 gr. White chocolate

A clay pot (if available)

Method Steps

  1. Toast chillies on stove until black and put them on a plastic bag to let them sweat.
  2. On a cup of water pour the almonds to boil and turn off in order to loose up the skin (skip this if your almonds are skinless). Pour some cold water over them and squeeze them to take the skin off.
  3. Toast almonds with cinnamon, cloves and aniseed. Move them constantly, and take them out of the fire when they start smelling nice.
  4. Toast rockmelon seeds. Move constantly and take off the fire when they start jumping.
  5. Toast the banana with the skin on, until the skin turns a bit black.
  6. Take the chillies out of the plastic bag. Under running water take the burnt skin off carefully. You can take the seeds and veins of the chilli off if you want a milder flavour, or leave them on for a hotter flavour.
  7. Put your clay pot on the fire to start heating it.
  8. On a food processor add the chillies, almonds, cinnamon, cloves, aniseed and rockmelon seeds. Add the milk in 2 parts, to allow the processor to work better. Leave it until you have a smooth mix.
  9. On the pot let the butter melt. Pour the mix into the pot. Add 2 cups of chicken stock. At this point you will see your mole is very thin, but don’t worry as it thickens later.
  10. Move your mole constantly and start adding some salt and a third of the white chocolate. Add a bit more of the stock. Add another third of the chocolate and check for a balanced flavour between salt and sweet. Add the rest of the chocolate if necessary.
  11. Once it boils check the flavour for the last time and adjust. Your mole is ready.
  12. Serve with chicken (already cook of course) preferably. You can also turn it into a veggie dish if you change for vegetable stock and serve with potatoes and carrots. To accompany mole, heat up a couple of tortillas per person.
  13. It is best paired with a nice fruity white wine like Riesling or champagne.
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