Tiramisu alla Marco

Tiramisu alla Marco

This is a typical recipe from the Veneto province in the north of Italy where my friend Marco is originally from. I remember the first time I tried Tiramisu; Marco and I were in his favourite Italian restaurant in Kampala, Uganda. He was disappointed back then as he could swear that tiramisu was not made with proper Mascarpone cheese (don’t mess with an Italian’s cheese). Five years later I asked Marco for his own recipe of tiramisu and he sent me this through Facebook. I have made this recipe a couple of times with great success. Today is Marco’s birthday and I want to publish this recipe in his honour. Happy birthday Marco!!


6 Persons

Preparing time

25 mins.


  • 500 gr of mascarpone cheese
  • 6 eggs
  • 100 gr of sugar
  • 400 gr of savoiardi biscuits
  • 4 cups of italian coffee
  • 1 glass of marsala wine or some other kind of alcohol (Pedro Ximenes sherry can be a good substitute)



  1. Divide the white and yellow part of the eggs. Mount the white part.
  2. Mix the yellow part of the eggs and the mascarpone, plus the sugar; you must get a homogeneous cream. Add the mounted white part and keep mixing until you get a very soft cream.
  3. Take the biscuits and deep them in the coffee mixed with the alcohol. Lay the biscuits in glass pie dish forming one layer. Add half of the cream
  4. Form a second layer of biscuits and pour the rest of the cream. On top add bitter cocoa powder
  5. Put in the fridge for two hours. Serve not too cold so you can appreciate the cream



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