Girls’ night

Girls’ night

Being a Mexican in Australia can be challenging when you have not met other Mexicans to speak Spanish with. I realise now how much I love my own language: the harshness of the “r”, the double meaning of words and the common “idioms” that all Mexicans share.


Fortunately I have been blessed with a numb
er of great Mexican friends around Australia and for a year or so a group of us has been getting together every Thursday to have a “girls’ night”. We meet at a restaurant or someone offers her house. It is understood the husbands and partners will be out of the way for the night so we can enjoy ourselves and be able to express all that is girly and Mexican.


I have offered my house a number of occasions that has allowed me to showcase my culinary skills. I usually make a Mexican dish whether it is my famous Mexican lasagne, black beans or a guacamole with corn chips. The main thing is the company and to have a good time.


Having my friends enjoyiIMG_5989ng what I cook gives me great satisfaction. They encourage me to keep posting new recipes on Cooking Mexico and my friend Elsa even helped me produce my first video recipe about “Champurrad”, the delicious Mexican chocolate and corn drink.



I am very grateful to have such good friends to be able to speak Spanish with them and share our memories of our country. It makes me feel closer to Mexico and all the things I love about my birth country. At the same time I enjoy sharing common experiences
about Australia and know I am not alone discovering this beautiful new country.


So, tell me dear readers, do you have a group of friends with which you share your childhood mem
ories and common views of the world? Where do you meet? What do you eat?


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