Beetroot Baby

Beetroot Baby

Hello, hello. After a couple of years of not writing any recipes I just found new inspiration from a beautiful source: my son. When he started eating solids it was a new chance to be creative and enjoy this new journey with him. Of course he can eat Mexican! No, it doesn’t have to have chilli. This recipe came to me when I was trying to introduce beetroot to his diet. Beetroot is a beautiful vegetable as it is full of colour and flavour and can be combined with many things. I mixed it with “Camote”, sweet potato in English. He loved this puree! This is easy to make and you can have a big batch and freeze it in small portions to always have a back up.


300 gr. Approx.


  • 2 baby beetroots
  • 1 small sweet potato
  • 300ml water
  • Pinch of nutmeg


Step 1


Peel beetroots and potato and cut them in 1cm cube approx.

Step 2

Pour the water in a pot and place vegetables in a steaming bowl. Spread nutmeg on top. Steam vegetables for 25 mins. or until soft.

Step 3

Place the vegetables in a blender along with some of the remaining water (don’t pour all at once). Start on a low speed and add bits of water until you get a smooth but firm consistency.


As baby gets older (7 months and older) you can leave little chunks of veggies for them to practice chewing. When you give to your baby make sure she’s got a bib, as beetroot will colour everything. Enjoy!

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