Cooking Mexico

by Andrea Rodriguez

This is My Story

My name is Andrea Rodriguez and i had the fortune of travelleing extensively around the globe, along with having lived and worked in remote places such as Sudan and Timor-Leste where i was first challenged to cook and bake for survival.

I have attended different seminars about Mexico’s culinary roots, the role of corn and its varieties in Mexico’s history and the “Milpa” as a traditional, profitable and sustainable agricultural model.

During 2014 i attended a cooking course in Vietnamese cuisine and visited Hoi An’s traditional markets, as i am also passionate about South East Asian food.

This Cooking blog “Cooking Mexico” focuses on the Mexican food and cultural trends that are currently evolving in Australia. The boom of suppliers, along with Australia’s demand for Mexican rich culture (especially its food) has created the need to have an information network that connects them all. Since December 2013, Cooking Mexico is an indispensable network and the first stop for the Australian public when they want to know the latest on Mexican cultural trends in Australia..

Cooking Sessions

As a food lover, I got tired of old and boring cooking classes. So, I decided to create a better way to teach cooking that would make it a personal and close experience, my students will never forget.

I created the Cooking Mexico Sessions™, which are customised cooking lessons that adjust to your own needs. Whether you’re a vegetarian, or a meat lover, a dessert or an entrée person, you’ll be able to create a beautiful meal with me. The session is personally designed to your taste for Mexican food, and your own cooking skills. Whether you’re planning a fancy dinner, a kids’ party or a girls’ night, my Cooking Mexico Sessions are the perfect pastime for you.

Classes start at $50.

Call me or send me an e-mail, to explore the great possible menus, times and places where we can have our Cooking Mexico Session!

Ph: 0432592197


As a lover of all things “Mexico” I am always looking forward to help promote new products and services into the Australian market. I have previously had wonderful experiences with companies such as “Jarritos”, “Menulog” and “El Jolgorio”  by promoting their products and services through my blog, live Cooking Mexico Sessions ™ and by creating tailored recipes. In this way consumers had a friendly approach to products, which generated trust.

Call me or send me an e-mail, to explore the great possible ways I can help you promote your products in Australia.

Ph: 0432592197


Restaurant & Grocery Stores

If you are looking to bring a Mexican touch to your menu, look no further. As Cooking Mexico I can give you a tailored solution with recipe development and food marketing that will give you an authentic connection with the public.

To learn more, send me an email: