Flying Fajita Sistas

65 Glebe Point Road, Glebe, New South Wales, Australia
65 Glebe Point Road Glebe New South Wales 2037 AU

“It’s not yet midday and Tio and I have already sampled some Herradura Reposado tequila with El Vocho (a shot of coriander, mint, fresh pineapple and an eye-watering dose of finely chopped jalapeños). From the kitchen comes the festive wail of Mexican music and frantic food preparation noises.

The drink is an exercise in contrasts: subtle, vividly-spiced, colourful and stimulating – much like Mexican cuisine as a whole. It’s a huge country, of course, that celebrates life, and also celebrates the Dia de Los Muertos. It is brightly coloured bottles and soft water-colour paintings, hot chillies and cool, aromatic herbs.

At Flying Fajita Sistas Restaurant we use fresh, seasonally-available produce as well as imported spices that you don’t generally find outside Mexico or the US. Joe Slakey, our Executive Chef, takes the best from one of the world’s most regionally diverse cuisines and adds the nuances that classical European influences have contributed to Mexican cooking over several centuries.

Sure, we’ve got a Northern-style Carne Asada on the specials menu today, but we had a Southern Mexican Ceviche dish last week, and the menu is the same mix of the traditional and modern. We have burritos, and if you ask we can do you a chimichanga. We’re not afraid to cross the border if that’s where good food takes us.

Given this diversity, we’re particularly good at accommodating dietary requirements; if you don’t want meat, or gluten, or dairy: no problem. “

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