Beetroot Baby

After a couple of years of not writing any recipes I just found new inspiration from a beautiful source: my son. When he started eating solids it was a new chance to be creative and enjoy this new journey with him.

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Sexy Pumpkin Soup

Pumpkin is one of the basic ingredients in Mexican traditional cooking. In the fields of Mexico, they have grown together with corn, beans and tomato for thousands of years. Ever since the American continent was discovered, the world met this delicious fruit and fell for it. Today we’re making a sexy version of the traditional Pumpkin soup. This recipe is vegan, but feel free to add some roasted bacon or sprinkle some feta cheese if you want. Serves 2 Persons Preparing time 30 mins. Ingredients 150 gr butternut pumpkin ½ Can Coconut milk 1 or 2 chillis Pinch of nutmeg Salt, Pepper and Quinoa seeds 1 garlic clove 1 or 2 Bread slices 1 tsp Olive oil Method Set your oven to 220oC With a spoon scrape away the centre of the pumpkin along with the seeds. Sprinkle with the nutmeg. In baking tray place the pumpkin and the washed chillies. Take the tray to the oven and leave to roast for 20 to 25 mins About 3 mins before the pumpkin and chillies are ready peel your garlic clove and rub the bread slices with it. Add a few drops of olive oil and place in the baking tray Take the pumpkin and chillies out of the oven. Using the same spoon, scrape the pulp out of the pumpkin’s skin. Take the chillies’ stalk. In a blender, mix the pumpkin, chillies and coconut milk. Add salt and pepper to taste. Take the bread slices out of the oven Enjoy with a sprinkle of quinoa and your slice of wholemeal... read more

Andy’s Mexican Lasagna

This is the Mexican version of the Italian lasagna. For this recipe accomplished Cook Carolina Elguero invited us to her home.  Also check our green salsa recipe. You can make it vegetarian by substituting the chicken for corn off the cob. Ingredients 1 lt. Green salsa 10 White corn tortillas 6 Tbsp. cooking oil 400 gr. Pulled chicken breast 250 gr. Sour cream 200 gr. Tasty shredded cheese Method Steps Pour oil in a fryer pan and leave until hot. Add the first tortilla; let it cook for 3 or 4 seconds before flipping it over. Do as well with the rest of the tortillas and set apart In a square-baking container create a first layer with the tortillas Create a second layer with half of the pulled chicken, spread over the tortillas Cover with half of the green salsa Add a few spoons of sour cream trying to cover most of the salsa Cover with another layer of tortillas and repeat the same previous order Add the shredded cheese at the end Put in the oven for 20 minutes or until de cheese has melted. You can serve with refried beans or a... read more

Rock Melon Orchata

According to the “Mexican Gastronomy Larousse Dictionary” horchata is a popular agua fresca in Mexico that was brought from the Mediterranean region by the Spanish and happily adapted into our own cuisine. Nowadays, the most popular one is made with rice. Today I will give you my family’s recipe made with rock melon seeds. Ingredients Seeds of 1 big rock melon 1 lt Water Sugar (to taste) Juice of 1 lemon Method Steps Pour all ingredients in a blender or food processor. Blend until smooth. Strain through to get rid of the hard shells of the seeds. Serve freshly made. Add a little ice cubes for a cool... read more

Tiramisu alla Marco

This is a typical recipe from the Veneto province in the north of Italy where my friend Marco is originally from. I remember the first time I tried Tiramisu; Marco and I were in his favourite Italian restaurant in Kampala, Uganda. He was disappointed back then as he could swear that tiramisu was not made with proper Mascarpone cheese (don’t mess with an Italian’s cheese). Five years later I asked Marco for his own recipe of tiramisu and he sent me this through Facebook. I have made this recipe a couple of times with great success. Today is Marco’s birthday and I want to publish this recipe in his honour. Happy birthday Marco!! Serves 6 Persons Preparing time 25 mins. Ingredients 500 gr of mascarpone cheese 6 eggs 100 gr of sugar 400 gr of savoiardi biscuits 4 cups of italian coffee 1 glass of marsala wine or some other kind of alcohol (Pedro Ximenes sherry can be a good substitute)   Method Divide the white and yellow part of the eggs. Mount the white part. Mix the yellow part of the eggs and the mascarpone, plus the sugar; you must get a homogeneous cream. Add the mounted white part and keep mixing until you get a very soft cream. Take the biscuits and deep them in the coffee mixed with the alcohol. Lay the biscuits in glass pie dish forming one layer. Add half of the cream Form a second layer of biscuits and pour the rest of the cream. On top add bitter cocoa powder Put in the fridge for two hours. Serve not too cold so you can appreciate the cream... read more

Paty’s Guac

My friend Paty makes the best guacamole I have ever tried and I was lucky to get her recipe. Now, when it comes to making salsas, Mexicans do it “al tanteo”, which means they add the ingredients little by little and try each time to balance flavours without any concern for exact measures. In this case I’ll give you the ingredients and the proportions you need to consider whether you are preparing guac for 2 or 10 people. If you need help getting the ingredients, check our CM Grocer Directory, with online and on site stores! Serves 6 People Ready in 15 mins. Ingredients 3 Avocados ripe 1 ½ Roma tomatoes (for every avocado you need half a tomato), finely chopped 1 Lime (the juice) ½ White onion, finely chopped (or 1 small brown onion) ½ bunch coriander (10 gr.), finely chopped 2 Green chillies finely chopped Salt Corn chips (to serve with) Method Open the avocados in half. With a spoon carve out the flesh from the side without the seed. To remove the avocado seed, hack a knife in the middle and twist. If the avocado is ripe enough it will come out easily. Carve out the flesh using the spoon too. In a bowl add the avocado flesh. With a potato masher or a fork start mashing it until there are little pieces. Add the tomatoes, onion and chillies and mix together. Add half of the lime juice and some salt. Taste the guac and add more juice, salt or chilli “al tanteo”. Serve with corn chips and enjoy... read more

Revolutionary BBQ

Last 20 November Mexico commemorated 104 years since the Mexican Revolution; an armed struggle that modified Mexico’s social, economic and political lifeand established the base for the country’s 20th century development. To remember this moment, Richard and I decided to throw a Mexi-Aussie BBQ; we invited friends to try Mexican delicacies along with traditional barbequed sausages and burgers whilst wearing some Mexican props. The result: a bunch of full and happy bellies. There were horchata ice pops, carrot and cucumber salad with hot chilli as starters and you can find the recipes here. As for drinks, classic Mexican beer set the tone and for the kids there were tasty Jarritos, the classic Mexican soda that has beautiful colours and flavours such as tamarind, pineapple, fruit punch, mandarin and even Mexican cola! Courtesy of Jarritos Australia, our guests enjoyed these refreshing drinks that quench their thirst in a hot Saturday afternoon. Chrissy, Adrian and Jenny loved the pineapple and lemon Jarritos! Everybody had a favourite flavour and it went really well with the BBQ meats. The best thing is that Jarritos are available in many supermarkets and even online if you would l ike to keep a stash at home. Check their website: Note: Soft drinks were provided by Jarritos Australia.  ... read more

Eggs Mexicana wrap & refried beans

Eggs Mexicana are scrambled eggs with chilli, onion and tomato representing the Mexican flag (cause we’re very patriotic!) and they make a delicious wrap filling. To complement this breakfast I have added refried black beans, not only cause they’re delicious, but because they add a good amount of fibre and potassium to your daily diet Serves 1 Person Preparing time 25 mins. Ingredients ½ Tomato (chopped) ½Onion (chopped) ½ chilli 2 eggs 1 teaspoon olive oil ½ Can black beans 2 Tbsp canola oil 1 large flour tortilla Salt and Pepper Method Chop the chilli, tomato and onion very finely. In a bowl pour the eggs and mix with a fork. Set aside In a warm fryer pan pour the olive oil and add a third of the onion. Sauté the onion. Add the beans with the water they come with. With a fork start smashing the beans. Add a pinch of salt if necessary. Let the beans reduce to two thirds. Serve them and set aside. With a paper towel clean your fryer pan. Pour the canola oil and leave until hot. Add the rest of the onion, the chilli and tomato. Add a pinch of salt and pepper and sauté. Add the egg mix and keep mixing. When the eggs are yellow, take them out and pour them 2 thirds into the flour tortilla Spread the beans on top. Take the 2 opposite edges of your tortilla and fold towards the middle. Take the closest edge to the eggs and start wrapping. Enjoy your brekky... read more

Tuna Byscane Quesadillas

As a new mom, my mother was trying new recipes. This is how one day she decided to put the tuna biscayne style in a tortilla, fry it and add some lettuce. And bam! we had these delicious quesadillas and never looked back. This dish will change the way you think of tuna as “doll” and “cheap”. Prepare for a rich indulging experience, and if you are hosting, people will surely have seconds. Ingredients 1/4 Chopped onion 1 Chopped tomato 10 Chopped green olives 150 ml. Tomato puree 1 Pickled yellow chilli to taste (you can buy them fresh and then pickle them or just add them fresh) 10 Small or 5 medium corn tortillas Lettuce 4 tb. spoon Olive oil Method Steps In a cooking pan heat up 1 spoon of the oil. Add the chopped onion and let fry. Add the chopped tomato and let fry. Add the chopped olives and let fry. Add the tuna, and mix with the vegetables. Then, add the puree mixing it with the other ingredients. Add the yellow chillies lastly and a little bit of the pickled water for a hotter taste. Let it cook on medium heat for 5 minutes and check the salt (most likely you wont need to add any, as the tuna, olives and chillies give you the taste). Turn off when the liquid is almost done and set aside. In a frying pan heat up the rest of the oil. Add a spoon of biscayne tuna into a small corn tortilla (add 1 1/2 for a bigger size). Put the tortilla in the hot oil and... read more

Red Chilaquiles

This is the best way to take advantage of old tortillas in Mexico. It is also great for hangovers as they tend to be really hot. You can make them whatever way you like it. They can be accompanied by scramble or fried eggs for breakfast, or chicken or steak for lunch and dinner. Ingredients 1 dozen white corn tortillas (the older the better) 3 to 4 green chillies (or to taste) 6 tomatoes 4 spoons cooking oil 1/2 onion julienne sour cream feta cheese Method Steps Cut the tortillas in medium squares. Heat the oil in a frier pan; once hot put the tortillas to fry until crispy. Set aside. On a food processor or blender put the tomatoes and chillies, add a bit of water (1/4 high to the top of the tomatoes approx.) and blend. Put a little bit of the remaining oil you used to fry the tortillas in a 4 lt. sauce pan. Once the oil is a bit hot, pour the tomato and chilli blend. If it’s too thick add a bit of water or stock (chicken or veggie) and simmer. Add salt to taste. When the salsa starts boiling, add the crisp tortilla chips into it and let the sink. Turn the heat off. Serve o a plate with a spoon of sour cream a bit of onion Julienne and bits of feta cheese (in Mexico we use fresh cheese). This will calm the heat from the... read more

Potato Flutes, Green Tomatillo & Avocado Salsa

In Mexico we call flutes those tacos that are rolled thin. To prepare these tacos you will need rolling skills Cuban style. This is a vegan dish that you can modify by adding chicken, or cheese. They go best with green tomato and avocado salsa. Serves 1 Person Preparing time 35 mins. Ingredients 2 or 3 White corn tortillas 2 Potatoes (cleaned) 6 Tbsp. cooking oil 3 Green tomatillos Small bunch of fresh coriander 1 or 2 green chillies 1 ripe avocado Salt and Pepper Method Boil 750 ml. water in a kettle. At the same time cut the potatoes in small cubes. Put the cut potatoes on a small pot and add the boiling water. Put on the stove on high heat. Add a pinch of salt and let boil for another 15 mins. In a blender add the tomatillos cut in quarters, avocado flesh, coriander and chillies. Blend for 2 minutes and add a spoon or two of water if the mix is too thick. Add some salt and mix again for another 30 sec., then check the flavor. When the potatoes are soft, take them out of the water. In a bowl smash them with a fork and add a bit of pepper. Check the flavor. Pour the oil in a fryer pan and leave until hot. Add the first tortilla for 5 seconds or until soft. Take the tortilla out of the oil. Place a bit of the potato mash on the tortilla and roll as thin as possible without breaking the tortilla (at this point the tortilla should be very flexible). Place the flute on... read more

Schoolies Spicy Fruit Salad

When I was a kid I used to love when my mom would pick me up from school. She used to give my sister and me some money to spend in a snack from the many stands outside and my favourite was the guy with the fresh fruit. This was no boring fruit, but a stand with the most colourful, most appetising mangoes, watermelon, cucumbers, carrots papaya, melon and pineapple; they were all in plastic cups ready to be served with lime juice, a bit of salt and chilli powder. Yes, Mexican kids loooove chilli, especially if you mix it with lime. Last weekend I tried this recipe with some Aussie kids and since the chilli powder wasn’t too overwhelming this was a delicious salad they could not have enough. The salt and chilli bring up the sweetness of the fruits and the lime juice adds some tanginess to the mix, which make it delicious. I invite you to try this simple recipe, get 1 fruit of get them all and enjoy Ingredients Watermelon in cubes Mango in cubes Shredded carrot Shredded cucumber Pineapple in cubes Lime Juice Salt Chilli Powder Method Pour the lime juice over the fruit, add a bit of salt and chilli powder. Mix ingredients and... read more

Pumpking Sweety

Pumpkin or squash is an original plant from America, and has been part of the basic Mexican diet for centuries as it grows along with our precious corn and beans. This delicious recipe for pumpkin sweet is one of the easiest and nicest ways to enjoy this affordable vegetable. In Mexico it is very traditional to prepare this dish for Day of the Death on 2nd November. Besides being pumpkin season, it is a sweet present for your death altar. I am writting the instructions with a pressure cooker. If you don’t have one d Ingredients 1 kilo Pumpkin 250 grs. Rapadura sugar 150 ml. water 1 Cinnamon stick Method Steps Take the seeds and hairy bits our of the pumpkin and cut into pieces In a pressure cooker place the pumpkin, water, cinnamon and sprinkle the sugar over the pumpkin. Set the pressure cooker for 15 minutes. Enjoy with a spoon of cream or just... read more

Ceviche Downunder

Ceviche is a famous and tasty snack or “botana”. According to Chef Ricardo Muñoz Zurita, it’s an original dish from the Polynesia that made the crossover along with other spices via the Philippines on the Manila Galleon, many, many years ago. There are different recipes and depending on the condiments some people prepare “white ceviche” or “red ceviche”. On this occasion I will give you the recipe for a white version and you can add as much red salsa Valentina as you want (or until your tongue allows!!). If you need help getting the ingredients, contact me! Ingredients 400gr. Raw fish (snapper, barramundi or salmon preferably, but others will work) 4 Limes (the juice) 1 Tomato, finely chopped ¼ White onion, finely chopped ½ bunch coriander, finely chopped 1 Green chilli finely chopped Salt & Pepper 1 Avocado. Sliced (to garnish) Corn chips (to serve with) “Valentina” or other spicy salsa Method Steps Cut the fish in small bites, place them in a bowl, pour over the lime juice and mix well. Cover and leave inside the fridge for at least 2 hours. Take the fish out of the fridge; it should look opaque as it’s been “cooked” by the lime juice. Add the tomato, onion, coriander and chilli. Mix well. Add the salt and pepper and check the flavour. Serve in a plate along with corn chips, avocado and spicy salsa.... read more


Molletes are the perfect brunch or light dinner. You can make them as vegan as you want. They go together with “pico de gallo” salsa which you can find on our Salsa section. [ingredients] [method] Ingredients 2 baguettes or 8 bread rolls Butter or margarine 1 can Black or Borlotti beans (non baked) 300 gr or 16 slices Colby cheese (substitute with vegan cheddar cheese) 2 spoons Olive oil Method Steps Turn your oven on to 150 degrees (120 for fan force) Cut each baguette in 4 even pieces and cut each through the middle. Take the bread filling out. Spread the butter or margarine on bread. Leave aside On a mid heat fryer pan add 1 spoon of Olive oil. Pour the can of beans and start smashing with a potato masher until you get a smooth mix. Add the second spoon of oil and check salt. Let them boil and then cool down for 3 minutes. Spread the beans on the bread leaving a thick layer. Cover beans with cheese slices. Put beans on a baking tray and into the oven until the cheese has melted. Serve with “Pico de Gallo” on the... read more

Pot Mole (Mole de Olla)

It was one of those really cold days of Canberra winter. As Doso my dog and I were fastened in front of the gas heater, I called my mother to Mexico an told her about the cold weather. Then my mom said, “Why don’t you make “Mole de olla” (or Pot mole) to fight the cold?” Mole de olla is considered the simplest and the most humbled of all moles and it resembles more a runny (almost soupy) dish than a mole. Yet, it is a great dish with nice smoky flavour and great for winter for the vitamins and vegetables it contains. According to Chef Ricardo Muñoz Zurita in his Dictionary of Mexican Gastronomy published by Larousse, Pot Mole is a broth usually made with beef or pork, with chillies and vegetables, typical of Mexico City and the centre region. There are different variations, and today I bring you (as usual) my mother’s recipe. All ingredients can be fetched here in Australia. If you have any trouble finding an ingredient please contact me. Method Steps On your gas stove toast the chillies. You can also toast them in the oven. Blend the toasted chillies, the tomatoes and onion until you have a salsa. Put your pressure cooker on sauté mode, or put your pot on the fire and add the cooking oil. Strain the sauce over the pot and fry. Add the beef stock and check for salt. Add osso buco and vegetables and cover pot. In a pressure cooker should take 40 mins, double the time for a normal one or until the meat is tender. Serve... read more

Pico de Gallo

Pico de Gallo or rooster’s beak is a slightly spicy salsa that is very fresh and ideal for summer dishes. [ingredients] [method] Ingredients 3 tomatoes 4 to 5 green chillies for a medium spice (adjust to your taste) 1/2 onion Juice of 1 lime Coriander leaves Method Steps Finely chop the tomatoes, chillies, onion and coriander. In a container mix chopped ingredients and add the juice Serve with tortilla chips, molletes or a... read more

Mole Blanco

Mole is the traditional meal that Mexicans serve in weddings, and in the XIX Century, Maximillian of Habsburg, was captivated by this white variation of the dish. With a big French influence this dish reminds us how rich is Mexico’s History. Check my wine tips! Ingredients 3-4 Chile guero (blond or yellow chillies) 200 gr. Almonds 100 gr. Rockmelon seeds (the seeds of 2 melons, dried) 1 Banana 1 Cinnamon stick 2-3 Cloves 1 Pinch Aniseed 3 White corn tortillas or 1 toasted bread roll 1 1/2 Cups Milk 30 gr. Butter 1 lt. Chicken stock 100-120 gr. White chocolate A clay pot (if available) Method Steps Toast chillies on stove until black and put them on a plastic bag to let them sweat. On a cup of water pour the almonds to boil and turn off in order to loose up the skin (skip this if your almonds are skinless). Pour some cold water over them and squeeze them to take the skin off. Toast almonds with cinnamon, cloves and aniseed. Move them constantly, and take them out of the fire when they start smelling nice. Toast rockmelon seeds. Move constantly and take off the fire when they start jumping. Toast the banana with the skin on, until the skin turns a bit black. Take the chillies out of the plastic bag. Under running water take the burnt skin off carefully. You can take the seeds and veins of the chilli off if you want a milder flavour, or leave them on for a hotter flavour. Put your clay pot on the fire to start heating it. On... read more

Bbq Chiles a la Jorge

It seems to me, BBQ or “Carne asada” as we call it in Mexico is a male business by tradition. Maybe it meant a break for women that usually cooked the meals during the rest of the week, or just something that men used to enjoy about lighting fire. Anyway, my dear cousin Jorge just sent me this delicious and practical recipe for BBQ’d chiles and I am sure you’ll love it especially. Since it is not too spicy is perfect for kids! Ingredients 2 green capsicums 250 gr. cream cheese (you can substitute for fresh tofu for a vegan option) Method Steps Wash the capsicums cut in four pieces by the long side and take the seeds and veins out; fill the quarters with cream cheese Put on the BBQ for at least 25 mins. or until they feel crunchy.... read more

Black Bean Soup

There could easily be a hundred different ways to prepare beans in Mexico. This is only one of them. I chose this recipe because ingredients are easy to get in Australia. Beans are a great source of fiber, and vitamin B. If you want to know how to cook your beans click here. Serves: 4 People Ingredients 1 Cup of cooked beans (black turtle or borloti) 1 Cooked tomato 1/4 Onion Corn Chips 1 tsp. Sour Cream Avocado 1 Toasted Pasilla Chilli Feta Cheese Method Pour the first 3 ingredients in a blender and mix. Pour in a sauce pan on medium temperature. Add salt to taste and let boil. Serve with corn chips, sour cream, avocado, toasted Pasilla chillies and feta... read more

Jarritos’ Tamarindo Roast

Jarritos® sodas are an important part of Mexico’s “taco stand” culture. It is the perfect complement to a great taco and a lifesaver when you encounter a spicy salsa. Since its arrival to Australia, they have been well received by the public who has fallen for its bright colours and tasty flavours. Another great thing about Jarritos is that even after 65 years of history, they are still made the same way, with traditional ingredients and even its bottle shape is now considered a classic. For this recipe I decided to use the tamarind flavour, to create a twist on a classic roast recipe. I invite you to try all its different flavours. You can find Jarritos in many Mexican restaurants or go to their website for a bigger order:   Ingredients 1 bottle Jarritos tamarind flavour 800gr Pork Loin 3 tb. spoons Olive oil 3-4 Bay leaves (fresh or dried) 50gr Dried apricots, chopped 2 Garlic cloves, chopped 150 gr streaky bacon, chopped 1 tb. spoon Flour Salt & Pepper Method Steps Preheat oven 200oC Make small incisions all around the meat and introduce as many chopped apricots, garlic and bacon as possible. In a large hot fryer pan pour the olive oil. Place the meat in the pan and cook briefly on all sides, in order to seal it. In a mortar grind the salt, pepper and bay leaves and mix 2/3 of the soda with this. In a baking dish place the pork loin; pour over the rest of the apricots and the soda mix. Cover the loin with aluminium foil and place in the... read more

Old Clothes (Ropa Vieja)

Old clothes is a traditional Mexican dish that was traditionally prepared to utilise the left overs from other dishes. There are different versions according to each region in the country. Originally from Spain and This time I am bringing to you my family’s recipe, specifically my great aunt Deya’s recipe, that passed it to her daughter Deya and to my mom, they also made a few adjustments and then gave it to me. Ingredients 500 gr. Cooked and pulled beef shank 2 Finely chopped tomatoes 1 Finely medium chopped onion 4 spoons of oil salt pepper oregano Method Steps In a cooking pot heat up the oil at medium fire Add the onions and parboil them. Add the tomatoes and parboil them too Add the pulled beef shank and cook for 5 minutes, stirring constantly Add salt and pepper to taste. Add a pinch of dried oregano (my mom’s touch) Serve with white rice and/or warm corn... read more

My Smutty Chicken

Corn smut, better known as Mexican or corn truffle is a fungus that grows on maize and teosinte. I imagine that when indigenous people in Mexico found this little “bugger” in their crops, they decided not to go hungry and instead found one of the greatest delicacies worldwide. Cuitlacoche (yeah, I have trouble with the pronunciation too!) or Mexican truffle has a strong earthy flavour, and it is best combined with green chilli and/epazote. It has a fabulous dark, almost black colour and it might give your food an amazing contrast. I created this easy-to-make recipe, so that my readers can be introduced to this amazing truffle. Feel free to test and try, just remember this fungus looooves corn, so don’t forget to include it on any attempt, whether is in kernels, a tortilla or chilaquiles as a side. All ingredients can be obtained within Australia. If you need more information please send me a message or write a comment. Ingredients 1 Can corn truffle (Cuitlacoche) 400 gr Chicken breast 2 Green chillies (finely sliced) ¼ Onion (finely sliced) ¼ Cup corn kernels (fresh or frozen) 3 Spoons of cooking oil Epazote (Jesuits herb) Method Steps On a hot big fryer pan pour 1 spoon of oil. Add the sliced chillies and onion and cook until onions are translucent. Add the other two spoons of oil and put the chicken in the pan. Add salt and let brown. Add corn kernels and truffle along with epazote to taste. Cook for another 5 mins. Serve with warm... read more

CM Horchata Iceblocks

This is one recipe with two great possibilities, both refreshing, both adorable. Last time we covered Rockmelon horchata, well this time we’ll use something simple and that most of the time is sitting in your cupboard: rice. Horchata is a drink originally from Spain that Mexico has embraced and loved. It is very popular in hot regions due to its freshness and everybody has its own recipe. Here we bring you the CM style! Ingredients 1 cup white rice uncooked 2 lt. water 1 can condensed milk (350 ml approx.) 1 Cinnamon stick Method Steps In a bowl soak the rice with the water for at least 2 hours (overnight in the fridge gives you best results). Pour in a blender the soaked rice, half a litre of the water it was soaked in, the condensed milk and the cinnamon stick. Add the blend to the rest of the water and mix. With cheesecloth of a fine strainer, strain the mix. You can serve chilled sprinkled with cinnamon powder or pour it in iceblock containers and freeze overnight. Refresh... read more

Bloody Drunken Chooks

I found myself one night with delicious blood oranges and and the leftovers of amazing Alacran Tequila, so I decided to make something good out of it. It turns out, blood oranges mix great with tequila, which gives your chicken an adorable crispy flavour. I accompanied my chicken with sautéed baby spinach, which added to the sweetness of the dish. Serves: 4 People Ingredients: Image ID: 69128800 500 gr. Chicken breast in wedges 1 blood orange (the juice) ½ lime (the juice) 2 Spoons of rapadura or panela sugar 3 Spoons of cooking oil 2 spoons of sour cream ½ cup tequila Alacran 400 gr. Baby spinach 1 chopped garlic Salt and pepper Method Mix the lime and orange juices along with the tequila, and the sugar. Leave aside. On a hot frying pan add 2 spoons of oil. Add the chicken wedges and after you fry it on 1 side for 3 minutes, salt and pepper it. On the same frying pan, reduce the heat and pour the juice mix. Let reduce for a few minutes. Add the cream to the sauce. On a clean pan add the last spoon of oil. When it heats up add the chopped garlic and spinach. Let it reduce and serve with the chicken. Pour the tequila sauce on the chicken tenders.... read more

Chicken Tacos

I remember an old Seinfeld episode where Dominicans couldn’t roll crepes as well as Cubans. These tacos will need your rolling skills Cuban style. Now, this is Richard’s favourite Mexican dish and he wishes I could make it everyday of the year. It is also a children’s fave and easy to disguise veggies in it. You can turn this dish into vegetarian if you substitute the pulled chicken for mushrooms. They go best with green salsa. Makes: 4 to 6 portions Ingredients: 10 White corn tortillas 300gr. Poached pulled chicken 6 Tbsp. cooking oil 400 gr. Pulled chicken breast 250 gr. Sour cream 200 gr. Shredded lettuce Avocado (To taste) Process Heat up the tortillas wrapped in a cloth in the microwave for 30 seconds. On one edge of the tortilla put a bit of pulled chicken and start rolling (like in the picture). Repeat with all the tortillas. Pour oil in a fryer pan and leave until hot. Add the rolled tacos with the edge down. Let it cook for 2 to 3 minutes before rolling over. Do as well with the rest of the tacos and put on a paper towel to absorb the excess oil. On a serving plate put 2 or 3 tacos and add the sour cream, the lettuce and the salsa on top.... read more

Green Chilaquiles

This green version of the traditional dish of chilaquiles is the perfect hangover food. With a tangy flavour from the green tomatoes, and the full texture from corn tortillas it gives you energy, making it also perfect to have as breakfast before a busy day. You can serve it with eggs, chicken or steak. Serves: 4 People Preparing time: 20 mins. Ready in: 2 mins Ingredients 1 Dozen white corn tortillas (the older the better) 3 to 4 Green chillies 1 Can of green tomatoes 4 Spoons of cooking oil 1/2 Onion julienne Sour cream Feta or Cheddar cheese Method Cut the tortillas in medium squares; heat the oil in a frying pan; once hot put the tortillas to fry until crispy. Set aside. On a food processor or blender put the green tomatoes and chillies, add some of the brine from the tomatoes (1/4 high to the top of the tomatoes approx.) and blend. Put a little bit of the remaining oil you used to fry the tortillas in a 4 lt. saucepan; once the oil is medium hot, pour the tomato and chilli blend. If it’s too thick add a bit of water or stock (chicken or veggie) and simmer. Add salt to taste. When the salsa starts boiling, add the crisp tortilla chips into it and let them sink. Turn the heat off. Serve on a plate with a spoon of sour cream a bit of onion Julienne and bits of cheese (in Mexico we use “fresh” or “Manchego” type cheese). This will calm the heat from the... read more

Comforting Soup

From Fonda El Convite chef’s mom, Laura Aguilar created this recipe. She thinks it is best to have it on a very cold, or rainy day. Buy a bunch of beetroot, take the leaves for this soup and use the actual roots for Beetroot Creamy soup. Serves: 4 People Ingredients: 1 hand full of beetroot leaves ($3.50 approx) Image ID: 192270644 1 to 1.5 lt of chicken stock (from $0.60 stock cubes) 250 grs. chopped bacon ( from $2.25 for 250gr) Method Wash throughly beetroot leaves and chop Boil leaves in the stock and 1 cup of water for around 40 mins or until they are soft. Add bacon and rectify salt. Enjoy with wholemeal... read more

Salsa Verde Asada (Green Roasted Salsa)

This salsa is one of my favourite ones, because of its versatility. It is ideal to top up steak tacos, roasted nopales, sopes tlacoyos and quesadillas. Best of all, it is very easy to make. In Australia is not possible to find fresh green tomatoes or “tomatillos”, but canned ones keep a very acceptable quality of the salsa if the other ingredients are fresh. You can find these canned ones in delicatessen stores or from online importers. Contact me for more info. Makes: 1 lt. Ingredients 1 big can of tomatillos 5 or 6 green chillies (to taste) 1 garlic clove 1/4 onion Process In a frier pan toast the chillies, garlic and onion until their skin gets black. Keep aside In a food processor or a blender put the drained tomatillos, chillies, garlic and onion. Add a bit of the brine from the tomatillos. Blend for a minute. Check for salt and... read more

Grandma Deya’s Cuaresmeños Pickles Recipe

My great aunt Deya has made this recipe for years, and it has always been a great excuse to get together and grab a few chilies from her kitchen. In Mexico city Jalapeños are called “Cuaresmeños” as they are very popular during Lent time or “Cuaresma” in Spanish. This is a recipe to share with friends and family. This can be the perfect Christmas gift; something you actually made and everybody will love it. Serves: 4 People Ingredients: 1kl of Jalapeños, washed, seeded and sliced 10 carrots peeled and sliced 1 ½ white onion (medium to big size) ½ lt Olive oil 1lt Vinegar (apple or white wine) 5 Bay leaves Method Wash the jalapeños and take the seeds and veins out; cut them in slices of .5 cm. Wash and peel the carrots and slice them with the same width as the chillies. Finely chop the onions Add the oil on a big pot in order to be able to mix the ingredients. Stir constantly as you add the onions and sauté them. Add the carrots and parboil them. Then add the chillies and the bay leaves. Parboil all ingredients. Take the pot away from heat and let ingredients to cool down Once the pot is cool add the vinegar and cover all the ingredients with it. Cover the pot with a cloth and let it rest for three days or until the ingredients have fully cooked. Serve in containers. If you want to seal your pickles, you can follow the instructions... read more

Banana Bread

The history of banan bread starts 800 years ago when bananas were first cultivated in Papua New Guinea. The Portugese brought this delicious plant to American around the 15th century. The popularization of baking soda and baking powder allowed for banana bread to be born in the U.S. It was first featured in American cookbooks in the 1930’s and ever since loved by the rest of the world. Mexico has a great variety of bananas, being the most popular the “Tabasco” kind (very similar to Cavendish bananas here in Austrlia). Annually it produces about 2.2 tons of bananas. This recipe is the traditional way my mom makes banana bread and how I learned to make it myself. It is perfect for when you find out your bananas have become too brown. It goes dreamily with wholemeal flour. Ingredients: 4 Brown bananas smashed 3 Eggs 1 Can condensed milk 90gr Melted butter (unsalted) 2 Cups of flour (320gr.) 2 Teaspoons of baking powder 1/4 Teaspoon baking soda Icing Sugar Preheat oven at 200C Beat the smashed bananas with the eggs. Add the condensed milk and the butter. Sift the flour, baking powder and baking soda; add to banana mix, outflanking. Pour in a baking container with a baking paper cover (Alternatively you can lightly grease and flour the container). Bake for 40 minutes, or until by introducing a toothpick it comes out clean. Take the bread out of the oven and spread icing sugar to taste. Prep 10 mins. Oven 40... read more

Mama Elena’s “Achiote stew”

My great grandmother (grandma Elena for my mom), created this dish. My mother learnt how to make it from watching her grandmother cook, back when she was a kid. She told me she started cooking the stew when she was a newlywed and had to come up with tasty and inventive dishes for my father. You can find the “Achiote” paste in some delicatessen stores and online from different importers. Portions: 4 Preparing time: 30 mins. Ingredients 1 kg. Beef bone-less shanks 50 gr. Achiote paste 2 Big white potatoes 2 Roma tomatoes 2 cups of Beef stock 1/4 Onion 2 Bay leaves Process In a food processor pour the tomatoes cut in big cubes, the onion, and the achiote paste and 1/2 cup of water. Mix until you have blend all ingredients. In a 4 lt. pressure cooker (or a normal one if you don’t have it), put 2 spoons of oil. Strain the paste from the food processor into the oil. Cook for 3 minutes. Add beef stock. Add the meat and potatoes. Check for flavours and cover the meat with water or more stock. Add the bay leaves and cover the pressure cooker or normal pot. With the pressure cooker let it cook for another 20 mins after pressure point. In a normal pot let it cook for 45 mins, or until the meat is tender (you can separate it with a fork). Serve with white rice or a garden... read more

Beetroot Creamy Soup

Beetroot Creamy Soup A “sopa crema” is a soup that has milk or sour cream to create a creamy feeling. My mom used to make this betabel or beetroot soup ever since I was a kid and I loved its sweet flavour, but above all, its beautiful purple colour. this is a great way to get your kids to eat veggies. Buy some beautiful beetroots from the market and use the leaves to make “comforting soup”; peel and boil the beetroots for this one. Serves 4 people Ingredients: 1 bunch of beetroot (boiled) ($3.50) 1 Roma tomato seedless (from $0.42) 1 Cup of Chicken stock (from $3.23) 2 Tbsp. Sour cream (light or full) (from $0.47 for 100gr) Salg & Pepper Method: In a blender pour the boiled beetroot, the tomato, chicken stock, 1 tbsp of sourcream. Mix and pour over a cooking pot. With low flame bring to boil (careful because it tends to splash). Check for salt. Serve and add a bit more of sour cream and pepper just to decorate. Wholegrain or italian bread go great with... read more


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